Do More With Slant Retail POS System

We Believe in helping people achieve their dreams and stabilizing societies.
Grow your retail business, get repeat customers and increase your profits.

One-Size-Fits-All Is for Hats, Not POS Software Systems

Run your retail business on your terms. From feature-rich POS billing software to integrated processing and payments, and customizable hardware bundles, Slant gives you everything you need to thrive and manage your business on the move.

  • Slant guarantees your business the lowest integrated payment processing rate, customized to match your transaction volume.

  • Our cloud-based software is our secret weapon. Zip through transactions and easily accept all payments.

  • Whatever POS hardware your retail business needs, we've got you. We'll even walk you through the hardware selection process.

  • You do you. As your business grows Slant retail store software is designed to help you pivot with advanced features.

  • Full-featured inventory management capabilities let you easily add & edit products, create purchase orders, and more.

  • Determine customers access levels and monitor sales and performance by tracking daily cash flow and sales at your store.

  • Access your dashboard and reports to see a real-time snapshot of your store’s performance - any time, anywhere.

  • Dedicated access to our support team any time you need them.Have a live person to support your store 24/7.

POS Software Features You Won't Want to Live Without

Founded by a retailer, Slant is designed to kill those daily stresses: From robust, time-saving inventory and staff management tools, to detailed, real-time analytics and everything in between — you won't just have a better business, you'll have a better day.

Boss Your Inventory

No matter how vast your inventory, Slant automated inventory management tools will save you hours, grow your margins, and avoid costly human errors.

Reporting Made Easy

Grow your profit margins and understand costs by using precise, detailed data and real-time reports accessible from your desktop or smartphone.

Have Your Finger on the Pulse

Receive and adjust your inventory items each time you get more items in stock to keep your retail store's inventory levels, and your costs, accurate.

Manage Items In Bulk

You can add and manage tons of items simultaneously using a simple inventory spreadsheet, then upload them all together when you're ready. Talk about a time-saver.

Focus on Your Top Items

Slant retail POS software tracks your top- selling items, categories, and departments, so you know what's driving your business.

Keep Reordering Orderly

Always know the quantity on hand for every item in your inventory, and set up order triggers to know precisely what's running low and needs to be reordered.

Spread the Good Word

Slant makes it simple to not only grow your customer email list (which is invaluable) but to launch professional email marketing campaigns, too.

What are you waiting for? See Slant for yourself today!

Customize Your Hardware Setup, and Give Yourself All the Options

Combine intuitive, tablet-based POS software with reliable hardware to create a custom retail store management system.

Bank For Your Buck

Our POS hardware for retail won't break the bank, but it will add dollars to your bottom line

Infinitely Customizable

Whatever your one-of-a-kind business needs, we've got it. If you need advice, no problem.

1-Year Hardware Warranty

Slant gives a 1-year warranty (and overnights you a replacement) for total peace of mind.

Free, Quick & Easy Setup

Our POS hardware is plug and play, but our expert team is readily available for a guided setup.

Simple, Affordable, POS Hardware

With Slant, nothing is hard, not even the hardware. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one Android-based POS terminal, or you want to customize your hardware bundle to accommodate your specific business needs, we offer a variety of simple-to-setup hardware products.

Powerful POS Software Without the Hefty Price Tag

We understand the true price of entrepreneurship. That’s why Slant offers industry-leading POS software at a fraction of the cost.