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Our application provides simple rate-adjustment module,where you can easily change the rate of the product(s) according to the sales and profit of the products.

To begin a rate -adjustment, simply go to the rate adjustment in Slant,Click on the Create New button to get started.

Upload an excel sheet

1.Download sample file for upload the rate adjustment file.

2.Update the excel file record which exist in your inventory to rate adjustment. Select the file and click on the submit button.


1. Choose the single or multi product with same time. Update the mrp (unit cost) ,sp(sale price) and cp(cost price) of the product. Click on the submit button.

2.Approve/Decline Request Approval on a rate adjustment. Save the rate adjust in any type get the notification in approval alerts.

3.Get the notification.

On click of view you see all the records which has been created rate adjustment. Here admin can approve or decline a rate adjustment.

NOTE:-Here, Admin can approve or decline a Request. Manager only see the request but not approve or decline.