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Our application provides simple stock-check module, where you can easily compare the quantity of the system quantity and actual quantity.

• To begin a stock-check, simply go to the stock check in Slant,Click on the Create New button to get started.

Upload an excel sheet

• Download sample file for upload the stock check file.

• Update the excel file record which exist in your inventory to stock-check. Select the file and click on the submit button


• Simply go to the scan button of the stockcheck & click.

• After scan the product you can get the detail of your product after scan the barcode. Fill the store quantity then click on the submit button.


• Choose a products and fill the actual quantity, click on submit button.

• Approve/Decline Request Approval on a stock check. Save the stock check in any type get the notification in approval alerts.

• Get the notification.

On click of view you see all the records which has been created stock check. Here admin can approve or decline a stock check.

NOTE:-Here, Admin can approve or decline a Request. Manager only see the request but not approve or decline.