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Create supplier and track purchase orders to them. You must have a GST number to create a supplier. On the basis of the GST number you can create a supplier.

Create a supplier

• You must have the valid GSTIN number for creating a new supplier in slant and fill all the details of supplier.

• After create a supplier assign the product to that supplier. Click on the add button you got the list of the product assign the supplier.

• On click of edit button you can see the supplier’s product list.(assigned product to that supplier).

Purchase Order

• Create purchase orders that you can send to your Suppliers to order products. When those products arrive, you can receive your products and your inventory quantities will update automatically.

• Select supplier and add product want to create purchase-order and fill all the required details and click on submit.

• Click on submit your order has been created, now we have to approve the order.
Note :- If we click on the cross button, then the order will be cancelled and the list will be show in the Cancelled Order.

Approved Order

• If we click on approve button then the order will be approved and send email notification to the supplier for the order and it shows in the list of Order Approved.

• If we click on eye(View). In it we can see our order and download its pdf .

Receive Inventory

• If we click on receive inventory. How much inventory have you received fill details in pop up.

Force to complete: - Mark this purchase order as completed. Once this is done, you will not be able to receive any outstanding line items on this purchase order.

Order Completed

• After Received Inventory, The order will be completed and show in the list of orders completed.

Cancelled Order

• It will be show the list of cancelled order and also download the pdf from the view button.

Also get the notification after create a purchase-order.