Slant's Bar & Breweries POS System

Speedy service is critical to your business. Our POS reduces manual processes so you can serve more drinks in less time and focus on delighting guests.

Raise the bar with a POS system that scales with your business

The bar POS built to handle unlimited orders, fast.

Whether you're pouring pints or mixing mojitos, Slant Restaurant speeds up service so you can focus on creating a buzz.

  • check_circleRun your bar as smoothly as your bartender serves a cocktail.
  • check_circleSlant for Restaurants helps you manage orders, take payments, and streamline operations behind the bar, all while you keep the good times rolling for new customers and regulars alike.

Deliver a Great Guest Experience

Let guests order rounds throughout the night and settle up payments later with Bar Tabs.

  • check_circleDelight customers until last call with fuss-free bill splitting and table transfers.
  • check_circleThe only thing guests will wait for is the perfect pour.

The bar POS system that keeps the drinks flowing and customers happy

Serving of freshly brewed beer is one of the upcoming concepts in the food and beverage space. There are a lot of challenges which are faced by the brewers with regard to product and customer service.

  • check_circleA brewery point of sale that helps you serve with ease.
  • check_circleIn just a few taps, bartenders can browse through menus, enter orders, open tabs and accept payments.