Table Management

Manage floor plan and improve customer experience

Real-time updates on the floor plan

With various colors to represent different table status, you can assign and modify the customer seating without losing track of their orders easily.

  • check_circleKeep tables running by monitoring their real time status.
  • check_circleOur Table Management System gives you a complete view of the your guests’ situation in the restaurant, in which you can track and reduce their waiting times.

Get to know your guests better

Our Table Management System allows you to assign tables and sections to specifc servers in order to make their meal a memorable one.

  • check_circleWith restaurant management system, it's not about how it looks, but how the customers feel
  • check_circleOut Table Management System helps you manage the waiting list while maintaining an excellent dining experience for your customers.

Offer more when the timing's right

Not sure when to approach customers and offer some extra food? Track how long they've been eating and how full their table is.

  • check_circleGain up to 68% higher average dine-in spending by activating our Table Management
  • check_circleFast service is easy, why not couple it with accuracy? Match order bill with table number or position in just one look.