Ready to serve the best cup of Slant?

Whether it's a latte at late night or a cup of cappuccino on a cold day, bring the best service of your coffee shop with us.

Serve that morning coffee with a smile!

Never run out of their favorite coffee

Coffee ingredients running short? Get real-time updates with our inventory management feature and plan re-stock schedules way ahead.

  • check_circleMore than 270K of coffee menus are sold with Slant monthly.
  • check_circleBut we would really like to have you grow that number with innovative coffee menus

Get up and running in minutes.

The Slant POS app is easy for your cafe or Coffee to use and lets you take payments right out of the box without any commitments or training.

  • check_circleOur POS is the perfect partner to your barista - helping them take orders quickly, serve custom orders, remember regular customer orders, and much more.
  • check_circleServe up the morning fix with an intuitive and easy to-get-up-and-running POS that offers flexible payment options. Here's to baking it till we make it!

When you run a cafe, you need a point of sale (POS) system.

Cafe POS systems are great for small businesses. They allow owners to manage inventory, payments, and other business functions from a single location.

  • check_circleYou can customize the menu according to your preferences using Best Cafe POS systems. You can add items that are not available on the regular menu.
  • check_circleYou can add new items, which are not available on the regular menu. Thus, it makes menu management easy.