Slant's Food Truck POS System

Slant can keep up with the speed of your food truck and help you handle long lines quickly.

Equip Yourself with the Point of Sale System Designed with Food Trucks in Mind

Built for food trucks

Whether you're parked or on the move, Slant food truck POS can go anywhere you go. Focus on serving more customers faster with a POS that is affordable, easy to use, and reliable.

  • check_circleKeep the food times rolling
  • check_circleFeed more hungry customers faster from anywhere, anytime with tools designed for speedy service.

Streamline the Operations of Your Food Truck with Slant POS Software

When you’re running a food truck, you need to manage multiple areas of operations. You need to constantly take orders and deliver them to the right person

  • check_circleYou also have to offer easier access to the customers to your menu and the ability to easily make orders without waiting in line for a long time.
  • check_circleInventory management is also an essential operation for your food truck.

Deliver a Great Guest Experience

Never worry about serving guests the wrong order with the help of a customer facing display.

  • check_circleMove long lines with quick register buttons that help you close out sales faster
  • check_circlePower your food truck business with a reliable hybrid POS that’s fast, easy to use, and comes with everything you need to drive sales and efficiency.